Reviews: Runaway Storm
Sacramento Book Review:
“The anxiety of adolescence can often cause rash and regrettable decisions. More rarely, however, it can be the cause of an adventure that one might look back to in fondness (emphasis on the rarely). Runaway Storm follows the well-worn tracks of Hatchet and My Side of the Mountain; there are easy ruts to be hit in such a precarious subject, but there is much expert manageability in Knobbe’s first book in an exciting new series.”

South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
“Runaway Storm is an especially thrilling novel because Knobbe avoids sugarcoating the dialogue and attitudes of Nate and his peers. Nate’s angst, however extreme, comes from a real place and makes for truly relatable interactions….Runaway Storm is quick-moving and filled with nail-biting moments that help readers connect with Nate’s struggles, triumphs and adventures.”

Student Reviews: Color and Learn Books
Turtle Mania give you facts about the different kinds of turtles. My favorite is the Green Sea Turtle - Gema, age 9
I love the turtles. I am going to look for them at the beach or the aquarium this summer - Ryan, age 8
Turtle Mania is a coloring book loaded with facts. It is a great coloring book for kids of all ages! - Elise, age 9

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