Experience:I have been editing and critiqueing children's book  manuscripts for over 12 years.  I have worked on 100's of manuscripts from Picture books through middle grade and YA novels.  I have collaborated with many professionals including  editors at Scholastic and The LA Times. 

What is a Professional Critique?
A critique dives into  your manuscript with a clean view of your work and evaluates your story from many angles and depths.  It will give you valuable feed back about your story that you will not get from an editor during the submission process unless they are ready to buy your manuscript. Why aren't they ready to buy your manuscript? Let me help you find and fix the issues that might be holding your story back.

What to Expect:

Overall concept of writing and story. Where it needs strengthening regarding, plot structure, character, tension and order.

Paragraph tightening - omitting words, suggestions for stronger verbs, visuals, senses.

Dialogue - age appropriate, natural, in character.

Suggestions for areas that need further development rewriting or omission.

‚ÄčIdeas to help you fix problems.

plus manuscript notations and line editing.
suggestions for marketing (when appropriate).

Middle Grade or YA -  First Fifty Pages Critique (double-spaced): $275

Picture Book flat rate per manuscript or up to 32 pages (double space if book dummy) $175
Manuscript Critique per page (double-spaced standard manuscript fomat):
1-199 pages: $6.00 per page
200+ pages: $5.00 per page

I accept manuscripts via email with PayPal payment or by snail mail and paper check. 

Mail Manuscript and check to:

Dawne Knobbe

5800 Southview Lane,

Ferndale, WA. 92646

(please be sure to include contact info.)

For more information please send me an email: deknobbe@earthlink.net